First day of school?

Well, today marked the official first day of school for our district, but I feel as though it is a bit of a misnomer…at least when discussing homeschooling, and even more so, unschooling.  It’s not as though my kids were home all summer and then this was the day I shipped them off for the start of their school year.  In fact, the way we do things around here, we never really stopped our “schooling”, or rather, our learning, all summer.  It just sort of keeps going, ebbing and flowing with our lives.  However, Boo Bear has requested to do 4K this year, which is a 4 day a week, 3 hour a day program, where she rides a bus to her school each day and enters a structured program with more little ones her age.  She loves this and I think much of it is because she is my middle girl.  It is one thing she realizes she can have in which her older and younger sisters can’t partake.  It’s a thing all her own and she relishes it.  So, why deny her?  Truth be told, I’d rather her just stay home, but I also can’t deny that it cuts down on the potential for sibling arguments and attention-grabbing for just a few hours on those days, and that’s not so bad.

In any case, as far as state standards go, Boo Bear was starting her first day of 4K and Tater Tot was beginning her first day of 2nd grade.  As we move frequently and state standards vary, I figure it behooves me to at least keep track of these labels, though we really don’t put much concern into grade levels around here.

But, I digress…again.  We decided to mark the day with a couple of “school year” pictures and just had fun.  It was a long day and I nearly didn’t realize it was time to start making dinner by the time our activities were completed.  So, here’s a look at our day:

3:30am – Why on God’s green Earth am I awake now?  Why?  Hmm, could it be that Sweet Pea has made her way into the bed again and has been restless, pushing and shoving me on my sliver of bed all night?  Oh look…even better, she has migrated to the head of my bed and has…yes, that’s definitely what I feel…peed on my pillow.  Awesome.  Might as well get up.  Note to self:  try to actually remember to pull sheets from the bed after she wakes up.


4:00am – Finally get out of bed.  (Okay, so I really didn’t want to get up yet, but couldn’t go back to sleep.  Of course.)

4:30am – Tiptoe out of the bathroom, dressed and feeling pretty energized despite the horrid hour.

4:35am – Scroll through e-mails, Facebook and the weather for the day.

4:45am – Decide I’m going to give the girls a super nutritious, energy-boosting, special breakfast for the first day of school.  Head out to pick up some Dunkin’ Donuts.

4:52am – Arrive at Dunkin’ Donuts.  The drive-thru is open, but the doors don’t open for another 8 minutes.  Well, I must go in.  How else can I stare at the massively overwhelming selection of stuff and attempt to contain my drool long enough to tell the girl at the counter to give me about twice as much stuff as we can possibly actually eat this morning?

4:55am – Decide to run to Wal-Mart to get the black ink I need for the printer.  Head back to Dunkin’ Donuts.

5:10am – Yes I’ll have 3 sprinkles, a couple of chocolates, some sugar-coated, etc. etc…this will give us a good flat dozen.  Oh, but hmm, I think we will get a 50 count of those filled donut holes, too…and a large iced coffee.  (My kidney stones are back.  Coffee is a big culprit.  I am pregnant.  Little Man certainly doesn’t need it.  But.  But.  It’s 5:00 A. M.!  And there’s donuts!  Okay, just this one time.)  What?  Oh, yes.   That’ll be it.  Oooh.  What’s that?  Iced apple cider.  Sounds yummy.  I bet Bubby would like that.  Ah, okay.  Yeah, give me one of those, too.  A large.  Whew, finally.  That is plenty!  Ring me up, girlfriend.  Wait…are those coconut-covered donuts….?

5:30am – Back home.  Chat with hubby for a bit.  Look at Facebook a little more.  Go ahead and eat some of these heart-cloggers and sip my oh-so-bad-but-oh-so-good coffee.  Remind myself to relish in this moment because it’s not going to happen often.  Start running through my mental list and adding to look up Dandy Brew or something of the sort and try out the fake stuff sometime.

6:00am – Head into the girls’ room and give Boo Bear a little morning snuggle-tickle wake up call.  She is excited and it doesn’t take her long to wake.  Sweet Pea senses from the room on the other side of the house that people are awake and comes in to join us.

6:08am – A little more snuggle time on the couch to finish waking up and a diaper (and full-clothing change) for Sweet Pea.  Oh yeah, she peed.  Remember to get those sheets.

6:15am – Girls are excitedly picking out their donuts and happily stuffing their faces.  I think I can already see their pupils dilating.  Look for a small insulated bag to hold Boo Bear’s daily water and snack.  Find a perfect one meant for baby bottles, but it just seems so plain.  Ask Boo Bear if she would like Mommy to decorate it for her, receiving an affirmative.  Get the paint markers and draw a flower as per Boo Bear’s specifications.  Tater Tot comes out of the room, having heard everyone (or sensed a craft going on) and asks to do some decorating, too.  Later they can all decorate, if they want, I tell her, but we need to get ready now.  She spies the donuts and excitedly fixes herself a plate.


6:35am – Girls get themselves ready.  There are teeth to be brushed, knots to untangle, clothes to put on, shoes to find, and a backpack to inspect.  I check the clock.  Amazingly, all seems to be running smoothly so far.  Time to take a few pictures!




7:00am – Girls are good to go for the day.  Daddy comes up and informs us he has decided to stay home long enough to see Boo Bear onto the bus this morning.  Pack up energy balls made a couple days ago and a bottle of water and feel good that I have a semi-nutritious snack to send with Boo Bear to school.  Ignore the fact that these also have some sugar in them.

7:10am – We all head out front to play in the driveway and wait for the 7:15 school bus.


7:35am – The school bus pulls to the curb.  Daddy has looked at his watch about 6 times between going outside and now.  It takes a while to iron out all the kinks of establishing a route, plus all the parents are slowing it down to ask questions and take pictures and all that.  What?  Yeah, I hear ya.  Hang on a second while I pose my child and take a picture of her at the bus steps.


7:42am – Daddy runs inside to take a shower.  I grab my purse and the school supplies I didn’t realize I was supposed to bring during the open house and hop into the car to head to the preschool.  I did tell my daughter I would see her in on her first day, after all, but figured she should start her routine of riding the bus.

7:50am – Arrive at the school.  The bus still isn’t there.  Take the time to talk to the director about whether or not it’s possible to NOT have Boo Bear in school on certain days.  Breath a sigh of relief when I am told it’s whatever works for us…apparently much more flexible than when they start “actual school”, which she won’t be doing next year, by the way.  Happy to know that Boo Bear can now continue to attend our homeschool co-op every other Thursday, which includes really great field trips.

8:05am – Bus finally arrives and little ones unload.  I peek out the window and see Boo Bear standing (mostly) in line, smashing little berries she has pulled off the nearby bush.  She looks up and sees me and breaks into a huge, Mom-heart-swelling grin.


8:10am – Pose for a picture with Boo Bear for the director.  Help her find her hook and begin establishing her routine of folder and food out and into the cubby, name tag on, hands washed and finding an open table with something cool to play with sitting on it.

8:15am – Give another hug and well-wishes for a good day.  Take another picture from the hall and give another wave.


8:23am – Back home.  Daddy is already at work.  Sweet Pea is crying because Daddy didn’t change her poopy diaper and instead walked out about 10 seconds after saying he was going to change it, according to Tater Tot.  Mommy explains (in kid-friendly terms) Daddy’s ADD must have kicked in.  Change poo.

8:30am – Clean up the kitchen and empty the dishwasher from the night before.  Actually remember to strip the sheets and get them into the wash.  Bubby makes his way upstairs and grabs some donuts.  Show him that he has cider, too…well, half the cup, because it is really yummy, so I’m keeping some.

9:00am – See that it’s a nice day and think we should do something fun outside.  Start looking for a blog post with an activity I remember that I think would be fun.  Gather up the supplies for that.  Go see if the oldest and youngest want to work on my proposal, reminding myself not to even mention the word “math” in the delivery.  See that they are engrossed in felt crafting and decide not to disturb their already directive, focused play.  Tater Tot is making some pretty nice accessories for her scene.


9:10am – Loaded the new ink into the printer and printed out pioneer activity sheets for the craft we are doing in our co-op class this week.  Make another mental note that I will need to make the old-fashioned molasses cakes tomorrow or early Thursday morning.  Look all over the house for the special cutting tool that I know will make cutting the Oregon Trail much easier.  Finally find it in the first place I looked, initially overlooked.  Finish prepping the craft and get it all together in a folder.  Feeling pretty darn efficient this morning, overall. Bubby heads out to work.


10:00am – (or thereabouts)  Girls are still happily engrossed in their chosen activities.  Figure there isn’t really enough time to do the math activity I planned before I have my 11:20 OB appointment, so decide to just wait until I get back from that.  Besides, then Boo Bear can do it with us.  Contact my friend that has agreed to come over and watch the girls and get Boo Bear off the bus for me.  Piddle around on the computer a little more.

11:00am – Friend comes over and her girls and my girls promptly increase energy and octave levels three-fold.  Chat for a minute, grab the cider and head to the car.  Accidentally spill the cider on my garage steps, proceed with a G-rated curse because, well, I REALLY wanted that cider.  It was so good.  Mentally brush it off. Hey…it’s been a good day so far.  No crying over spilled cider and all that.

11:22am – Only a few minutes late for check-in, despite the cider incident.  Speaking of cider…I wonder if it would be rude to get another one before I go home?  Nah, I can wait. Besides, I just asked my friend to watch the kids for the appointment, not for me to get a crave fix.

11:55am – The appointment was short and all looks well.  Run (not literally, of course) upstairs to the PT department to pick up my, um, belly sling thing, to alleviate all the swelling going on down there this pregnancy.  They are out to lunch from 11:45-12:15.  Of course.  Shrug and tell myself I can pick it up some other time.  I don’t feel like waiting.

12:05pm – Back home.  The kids are all out back playing, pulling each other around in the work wagon that they made into a “covered wagon” the other day.  They are out in the field again pretending to be explorers/ settlers of the prairie.  Boo Bear is home.  Ask her how her day went and receive a happy reply.  She had fun and made friends and all that good stuff.  My friend hung out just a little bit more before taking her littlin’ home for a nap.


12:15pm – Inside to make lunches that we eat outside because it is such a nice day.  Opened up the the patio umbrella and watched a poor little disturbed bat fly away haphazardly, clearly out of his element in the broad daylight.  The girls were fascinated by all the moths that were tucked up in there, too.  Sweet Pea yelled at them to go away, to no avail, and Tater Tot hypothesized that the bat liked it there because there were so many moths to feed on.

12:35pm – Cleaned up the lunch stuff and sent Tater Tot out with some chalk to prepare for our next activity.  The girls created quite a lot of art in the short time I was in.



We decided to do our project in the driveway instead, where there was still space to draw, but a lot more direct sunlight.  Had Tater Tot measure out and tape off areas for an orthogonal hypercube.  It took a little trial and error and adjustments to get our angles right, but we pretty much got it in the end.  Halfway through, as the sun really started to heat up and I was mentally lamenting that we didn’t either a) do this in the morning or b) have any more room on the shady back patio, Tater Tot suggested some juice pops, so we went inside and grabbed some.  I worked on the last of the taping off of the ‘cube while the girls slurped away on their quickly melting pops.  At some point, Tater Tot went back in and also got out the last of a milkshake she had from the other day (that was frozen solid and they ate more like a popsicle held up by the straw).  Somewhere in my mind it registered that this was even more sugar for the day, but I let it slide.


1:10p – Boo Bear went inside at some point and didn’t come back out.  I figure maybe she just got too hot, but I go check on her to be sure.  I will save her the dignity of the accompanying picture (which of course I had to take), but will share the scene.  Poor little thing went in to poo, which she did, but must have been so tuckered out from her day that she fell asleep on the potty, her head leaned over onto a nearby step stool.  I giggle, take said picture, then proceed to wipe poopy booty.  She wakes then and gets a second wind, opting to go back out and finish her chalk drawings, rather than finish up a nap somewhere, more, um, comfortable.



1:20p – Back outside.  Tater Tot and I color in the rest of our ‘cube and the girls get to pull away the tape for the great reveal.  There were oohs and aahs and I think it turned out pretty sweet, although time consuming, and I was definitely getting a little (okay a lot) on the sweaty side.


I informed the girls that there was a second half of the project and to meet me in back while I got the supplies together.  In the back, we set up an area and I pulled out the toothpicks and marshmallows and explained that we were going to make two cubes and put them together.  This activity, I knew, would be a winner, because any time they get to use marshmallows to make something they get to eat the marshmallow creation they make.  (Yes.  I know!  Sugar, sugar, sugar.  I swear it isn’t usually like this!)  Sweet Pea stuck a few marshmallows with toothpicks, then quickly decided that the toothpicks seemed pretty unnecessary in the endeavor to eat the marshmallows.  Boo Bear made a nice creation that started out looking mostly like a cube.  Tater Tot made her cubes and then I instructed her on how to connect them.  Once complete, I tried very hard to twist and maneuver that thing to lay down into the one dimensional pattern we drew, but had no luck, so I just showed them the blog where I got the idea and that family’s success.  The girls then ate their creations (and apparently the rest of the bag, too, I realized a bit too late).




3:00pm or something – Time is sort of blurring into one long project now.  I clean up from the marshmallow mess and the girls start coloring and building their own backyard “tables” and such, off in Pretendville again.



3:40pm – Somehow time just keeps getting away from me.  Realize how late it is and rush in to figure out what to do for dinner.  Throw together a curry chicken, broccoli, noodle bake and stick it in the oven.  Decide that I’m actually getting exhausted about now and probably swollen to double my size, so I lay down for a few minutes and prop my feet up.  Shortly thereafter, hear the neighbor come over to play in back with the girls.

4:20pm – The girls get bored in our yard and ask to go play in the neighbor’s yard.  I relax a bit more, then get dishes out for dinner, while listening to kiddos scream happily from across the street.

5:00pm – Dinner is ready.  Scoop out the girls’ to cool.  Daddy comes home.  Bubby comes home.  Decide to let the girls play a little longer before calling them home for dinner.  I eat, because I feel like I’m starving for some reason, and have some uninterrupted talk time with hubby before the girls come home.

5:40pm or thereabouts – The girls come home and sit down for dinner, which they barely eat.  Not surprised, really. The curry turned out a bit strong and I’m sure they are filled with sugar now. Never mind how picky they can be to begin with.  Whatever.  Decide not to stress about it as long as they don’t start whining about being hungry later.

6:20pm – Time is getting away from me again.  Cleaning up from dinner and realizing the girls still need a shower.  Get them wrangled in there, stressing to make sure they wash their hair too!  Finish the kitchen clean-up and realize I never put the sheets in the dryer.  Run downstairs to do so only to thankfully see that Bubby has done that for me and they are already dry.  Put his load of clothes in the dryer and stick my pillow in to wash next.  Go make the bed.

7:15pm – It’s later than I wanted to get the kids to bed, but not too bad.  Attempt to see if Sweet Pea and Tater Tot will sleep in the same bed if I lay with them for a moment, only to realize after a lot of alternate giggling and shoving that it wasn’t happening.  (It was worth a shot.  It would be nice if Sweet Pea would get back out of my bed again.  At least she could sleep in her own crib in our room through one full night.  That would be great.  Please!)  Take Sweet Pea to our bed and lay with her for about 5 minutes, then tell her I need to get Tater Tot ready for bed.  Cross fingers that she doesn’t cry when I walk out of the room.  Let out held breath when her exhaustion or rare moment of acquiescence allows my departure without fuss.  Go back in to big girls’ room and give Boo Bear another kiss and tuck her in.  Back out on the couch for a little reading, while Tater Tot makes another scene…sort of a Halloweenish one…on the felt board.  She has been mentally rushing Halloween the past few days, excitedly thinking of costumes and making holiday crafts.


8:15pm – Get Tater Tot tucked into bed.  Feel bad that we didn’t have stories tonight, but it’s just been a long day.  Turn on “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and Other Stories” cd for her to listen to.

8:22pm – Read a little more Facebook and post some pictures of our day in an unschool thread asking for just that.  Realize I’m not going to last much longer tonight.

9ish pm – Daddy and I both head to bed.  I lay there for a while waiting for my mind to catch up with the exhaustion of my body, mentally voicing my silent ritualistic pleading of, “Please let Sweet Pea sleep through the night, preferably in her own bed, and turn my brain off so I can sleep, and let me not have to pee 20 times tonight…oh, and don’t let me wake at some inhumane hour again.  Please.”

And our super, happy fun-filled day is complete.  Bonus:  Everyone slept great!  :0)

Confession. I get high. A lot.

stressed tired momma

I have to confess something.  For so long now, I have been suffering the side effects from a substance that I willingly injected into my body.  I knew full well the long list of these potential, and even probable, side effects before I did it and I did it anyway.  I don’t even feel guilty about it.  I mean, my goodness…I should, shouldn’t I?  After all, I have a family to consider!  I allowed this deterioration of my body and all to get another fix!  Why would I subject myself to this:

  • abdominal discomfort/ pressure/ tenderness
  • acne
  • allergies
  • anemia
  • backache
  • bleeding gums
  • blood clots
  • blurry vision
  • breast leakage/ enlargement/ tenderness
  • buttock and leg pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • clumsiness
  • constipation
  • cramping
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • dizziness/ faintness
  • strange/ scary/ vivid dreams
  • enlarged/ varicose veins
  • excessive bleeding
  • excessive salivation
  • excessive vomiting/ nausea
  • extreme pain
  • eye changes
  • fatigue
  • fluctuating body temperature
  • fluctuating emotions
  • fluid leakage
  • food aversions/ cravings/ hunger
  • forgetfulness
  • gas/ bloating
  • gum disease
  • headaches
  • heartburn
  • hemorrhoids
  • hip pain
  • increased heart rate
  • increased susceptibility to infection/ sickness
  • insomnia/ increased restlessness
  • irrational fears
  • itchiness
  • loss of bodily functions
  • loss of desire
  • mood swings
  • mucous discharge
  • muscle cramps
  • navel soreness
  • nosebleeds
  • pelvic pressure
  • perineal aching
  • perspiration
  • pubic bone pain
  • rashes
  • rectal bleeding
  • red palms/ soles
  • rib tenderness
  • round ligament pain
  • sensitivity to smells
  • shortness of breath
  • skin tags/ skin changes/ skin darkening
  • snoring
  • stuffy nose
  • swelling
  • thirst
  • urinary tract infections
  • urinating frequently
  • urine leakage
  • vaginal bleeding

This list isn’t even exhaustive!  And, to make matters worse, that’s not only while the foreign substance remains in the body.  Eventually, the body expels it, which is a painful process where the body goes through the worst type of withdrawal.  Then….THEN…as if that weren’t enough, comes the post-trauma, long-term side effects, which range from mild to severe and can last YEARS!  These can vary so broadly from person to person, that you can’t even predict what will specifically happen to you!  Here are just a few that have been documented (not in alphabetical order):

  • irrational fears
  • sleeplessness
  • forgetfulness
  • depression
  • feelings of self-doubt
  • constant worry about the future
  • comprehension issues
  • inability to sustain one continuous thought at random points in time
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling incompetent
  • more nightmares
  • anxiety
  • difficulty functioning at previous level of ability
  • stress
  • AND completely unknown potential future side effects!

And on and on it goes!  You must be judging me now.  I know you are.  Who could blame you?  Why would I, a relatively sane person with obligations and responsibilities, choose to subject myself to such a long list of side effects and truly life-changing repercussions?  And to make matters worse, this isn’t my first time.

But, before you judge me too harshly, please let me explain what I get from this.

It is the best high ever.

I’m talking a truly mind-altering, full-on euphoria.  I can feel the most love I’ve ever felt and want to dole it out it in equal kind.  I feel a new sense of pride, selflessness, hope and wonder.  I get the best physical sensations and have a new-found appreciation of the senses and what they are exposed to.  I feel like the luckiest person on the planet at any given, random moment…and I can feel like this for the rest of my life!  Can you really blame me for wanting to bring this kind of happiness, wonderment and fulfillment into my life?  Is it really so hard to believe that I would take all those terrible side effects for these ultimate feelings…not once, not twice, but FIVE times now?  Some might call me an addict and I suppose I am, in a way.  I will never be able to take back or change any of the health issues I have put upon myself, but I would never want to.  It’s completely worth it!  And maybe you think I’m in denial.  You may even be plotting an intervention.  But, I don’t care.  I might even do it again.  And believe me.  I’ve talked to others.  I’m not alone.  I know lots of people that believe the high is worth it all.  You know who you are.  Don’t deny it.

After all, motherhood may be wrought with “side effects”, but those little foreign bodies are all worth it in the end and you and I both know it.  😉

pregnancy side effects funny


It’s All About The Number, Baby!

I once had my palm read when I was young.


I was told that I was going to have what, at the time, sounded like some crazy number of kids…6 or something like that.  Laughing, I pretty much wrote off palmistry from then on.  I mean, there was no way I was going to have so many kids!  Right?

woman in shoe

It certainly didn’t fit into my idea that I was going to have a set of twins and that would pretty much be that.  But, here I am…twenty-some years later with baby number five on the way.  Maybe all those creases in my hand said something after all.  So, person I thought was crazy…I apologize.  I never anticipated or planned to have this many children.  I never planned to have my first at such a young age, but I can’t imagine NOT having any of them now.

love napper more

In the last week or so, I’ve had two separate conversations with friends that led me to think about all of this.  In one conversation, I was told by a recent first-time Dad that they aren’t planning to have any more since they are “too old, no offense” to me.  (He and his wife are my age.) only oneIn the other conversation, a friend jokingly stated she bets that she is “the only person I ever feel as though I need to justify not having any more children to”.  She has three living children and hopes to have 6 more between the ages of 40 and 50.

weird lots of kids

This conversation came from my statement that even though I would not have issues with having more children, I am not so keen on the whole process anymore.   The idea of carrying, birthing, and nursing over and over again has, let’s just say, lost its luster.

mom night revenge

I’ve also determined that I really, REALLY like my sleep and that is something I just don’t get much of during those early years.

never sleep againIn fact, my pregnancy cycle as of late has been to wake up several times a night to pee (of course).

bladder baby

Usually one of those is around two in the morning.  The problem is, I can’t seem to go back to sleep after that one.  Case in point, I’m writing this at three in the morning.  I don’t want to be awake.  My body still feels tired, but here I am…wide awake and if pattern persists, I will be for at least another hour.  So, basically that translates to me never getting to wake up at that nice early hour of at least 6 o’clock that I’d like.  Instead, most days, I’m dragging out of bed around 7 something and feeling less than refreshed.

sleep cycle

Oh well, it’s my special brand of insomnia, I suppose.  In any case, this whole lack of sleep thing plays it’s part in my ultimate number of children decision-making.  (Check out this offensive, but funny bed-time book for exasperated, sleepy parents ONLYHere is a reading by Morgan Freeman.)

go the f to sleep book

So, what does that mean for me?  Truth be told, I was still sort of hoping for baby number 5 to be babies 5 and 6.


I was a little disappointed when only one showed up in the ultrasound.  Twins would have rounded me off nicely, figuratively (and literally) speaking.  And twin boys would have given this last little one a built-in, same-sex playmate.  Yes, twins would have been nice (although I’m quite sure I would have lost my mind a little with the logistics of it all).

brain for kids trade

Six kids, for some reason, would have felt like that magic number for me that said, “I’m done and I’m okay with that.”

Brady Bunch

So, do I understand the first friend who said they would only be having one?  Most definitely.  In fact, it was just me and my son for 10 years.  I really believed at one point that he might be the only one I’d ever have.  I still look back on those years with just the two of us with great fondness.

mom and boy

And do I understand my other friend who has ultimately birthed 5 and still hopes for at least 6 more?  Most definitely.  There is a sort of longing, and guilt even, on my decision to stop after this one, though I truly feel it has started taking its toll on my body…things are going on downtown with this pregnancy that just shouldn’t even be allowed. pregnancy aches

I’ll spare you all those intimate details, but suffice it to say…it’s just not right, darn it!  Never mind all the typical aches and pains and the fact that this little booger has caused me about 14 weeks of all day nausea so far.

pregnancy sickness

No, it is no longer my cup of tea.  But, that being said…I would still have at least one more, if the process could be magically skipped.  And, yes, we have considered adoption and wouldn’t rule it out either, but I’m not personally interested in bringing more government into my home…a process pretty much inextricable with adopting.


The bottom line is this…everyone has their own circumstances and personality which shapes and molds their ideal family number.  This number can change over time…I can certainly attest to that.

seriously done

We all have the right to listen to our hearts and our bodies and determine what is best for us…ideally without guilt involved.


kangaroo kids


So, to all those parents out there that say one and done…I’m so happy for you.  To all those parents out there who say they can never have enough…I’m so happy for you.  And to all those parents with everything in between…I’m so happy for you.  Enjoy your children and your circumstances with all your heart and never regret that you don’t have more or you don’t have enough.  You have exactly the right amount for you right now.

want v have

Love every moment of it (even the inevitable tough ones)!  After all, there is nothing quite as special and perfect as your family…don’t you agree?  🙂

nice normal family