Quiet Time

So, I tend to get bored with certain areas of my home and, consequently, find myself rearranging a room or repurposing some random piece of furniture at times.  Utilizing space in different ways can be a fun and therapeutic way to make old new again.  So, in preparation for the upcoming school year and the hope that Tater Tot will become a more avid reader over the course of said year, I defined a space in our homeschool area just for the girls to have “quiet time”.  The section of the room is their own little niche; a semi-private, cozy area filled with books, stuffed animals and quiet toys.  Tater Tot was excited to “decorate” the area with all the books and things she wanted in there.  Boo Bear was instantly drawn to the lounging area on the floor and Sweet Pea just liked playing in a new space she could tell was created just for them.  My girls are rarely ever actually quiet, so the space was more hushed than anything.  However, once her independent reading takes off, I hope that Tater Tot will find it to be a perfect spot to enjoy a good book.



View from the stairs with one of our library carts (an awesome deal from a local bookstore that, sadly, closed its doors) acting as a defining “wall”.  As you can see, Sweet Pea still enjoys lounging in her bouncer, even though she has broken it from all her (way to big for it) enjoyment.


This is the view looking into the designated school room area.  It is a place that holds most of our school stuff, even if we don’t always “do school” in it.


This is the view from the school room area.  Daddy’s “man room” is what’s on the far end of the space.  The mats and pillows provide a good spot to lounge on the floor, the table between gives a stable surface to color or draw, while the inside holds blankets to snuggle under, since our basement is often much cooler than the rest of the house.


The view from the “man room” with the other library cart separating the quiet area from the school room area.  The girls’ two lounge chairs they got from Mamaw for Christmas a couple of years ago provide more good spots to sit and relax.


The shelves along the wall were used for our books, but I cleared two low shelves for a place to put puzzles, coloring books, crayons and the like.


The girls already seem to be enjoying their time in the new area.  It’s another effective way for them to feel like they are close to me, while still giving us all a little personal space.  Now, if we could just work on the “quiet” part…



2 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. How great. Quiet time is always hard – it is why with the youngest two – during winter I actually napped while they did in the afternoon. I knew that as soon as the older kids came home – with all their activities and friends – there would be no quiet.

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