Playroom Makeover

Playroom Makeover

We have done a few makeovers of our house, probably in a manic wave of pre-schoolyear-preparation hysteria.  Whatever the cause, the result has been something I am proud of and the girls are excited about.  One morning, their surprise was a new take on their play room.  Previously, the playroom consisted of all things essentially shoved around the perimeter of the room.  Functional, but not necessarily very imaginative, or even the best use of space, for that matter.  So, I decided to make “zones”, Montessori-style.



The girls were most thrilled about their new “store”, most likely because it wasn’t a set-up we really had in any way before:




Their “house”, complete with kitchen, dining room, living room and babies’ bedroom:





As you can see, we relocated the chairs from the reading nook, but for a good cause.  We need to put pictures into the frame, still, too.



Doll, car, and barnyard animal play:




The “castle” which shows music things (now in the homeschool arts and music area), now holds dress-up stuff, flanked by a storage unit containing Imaginext toys:



A flat surface for building with things like Imaginext, Legos (housed underneath), Lincoln Logs, blocks, etc.:


The wall storage unit, containing more books (even more relocated there since the homeschool room revamp), building sets and other miscellaneous toys:


Hooray for play zones!!  Somehow I doubt that even this will keep toys in their designated areas.  I think only physical, uncrossable barriers could actually do that in my household…and maybe even only when used in tandem with shock collars.  This is the next best thing, though, I’d bet!

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  1. Looks great – we need you here to organize us – and then Sarah’s friend Sam to organize the books! I’ve gotten so lazy with everyone around here all the time. Apparently I do my best work alone – which I am not.

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